Typical Sicilian cuisine


Typical Sicilian cuisine preserves in its flavors a highly stratified and centuries-old gastronomic heritage. It is a regional gastronomic tradition that shows traces and contributions of all the cultures that have settled in Sicily in the last two millennia, handed down with passion from generation to generation. Many of the oldest Sicilian recipes are still prepared and served regularly at the table.

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"i Dammusa" restaurant


The dishes of Modica cuisine contain the rich and long history of traditions and cultures of the peoples who colonized this portion of the island in the past. The Torre Don Virgilio Restaurant offers Sicilian dishes and typical Modican recipes for a genuine and tasty cuisine, the custodian of multiple flavors, born in the daily life of the farm.

From the daily life of the farm derive unique dishes such as legume soups, homemade pasta, “cavatieddi” or “ricotta ravioli”, pasta “a carrittera”, lolli ‘nte favi, pasta “Co maccu”, and again the pasta “che ‘paddunedda”, a dish once reserved for Sunday lunch. At the Torre Don Virgilio Restaurant you can breathe the air of peace and relaxation of the ancient masseria and enjoy the best of traditional Iblean and Mediterranean cuisine, made of genuine products from our garden, in full respect of the seasonality of the products.

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We are in Val di Noto, one of the most beautiful areas of Sicily, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for the presence of the wonderful Sicilian Baroque. Our land is so rich and varied that you can live experiences with many souls such as moments of total relaxation in our centuries-old park, trips to discover the late Baroque cities of the Val di Noto, food and wine tours to savor all the taste of Sicily, days at the sea in breathtaking beaches and much more. Sicily and its warm hospitality await you!