• The Val di Noto in Sicily

A Mosaic of Beauty Waiting to Be Discovered

Our Resort in the Val di Noto is located in a real corner of paradise, a very special place in Sicily that will win you over and make you fall in love with the island. We are certainly not the first Sicilians to speak well of our land. We have always been, in the history of the world, protagonists, winners and losers, people, clans, and full of emblems. We live in an ancient and cultured land, full of symbols and historical memories. Walking in Sicily forces you to travel back through thousands of years of history to discover stories of important figures and battles.

The southeastern part of Sicily is beautiful. It exists between contradictions because it is tightly situated between Etna and the Mediterranean, fire and water, burned by the Scirocco that carries the desert with itself but throws it on a green land. Here the woodcocks that fly from Russia to Africa pass and meet the flamingos that make the opposite trip and rest in the marshes to nest. The birds of prey are always on alert and heavy boars feed on very fragrant berries. This land tastes of honey and thyme, and smells of wisteria, capers, sea, and salt.


We have always known that it is a type of magic that takes place every day. For us they recall traces back in time, such as the rock settlements that reveals history that dates back to the Bronze Age. This land was loved by Cicero in Roman times, conquered by the Arabs, and "liberated" by the Normans. It was the Kingdom of Sicily, the County of Modica in 1296, the largest and most powerful region, but that was not enough.

Wounded to death in 1693 by a horrible earthquake that struck Sicily, our people overcame this obstacle and proved to possess heart and pride, giving life to our most recent history, the Baroque, which is still a miracle, a magic, a force of man that enabled us to have the beauty of our churches, cathedrals, and noble palaces. The city of Modica with its aggregates is located in a geographical context full of great opportunities.


Here were are surrounded by marvelous territories that have an open countryside that is still highly respected by man and only closed in by the typical dry stone walls. Not to mention we also have the splendor of the Cava d'Ispica and the water mills that also benefit from an enjoyable proximity to the sea, a sea that is one of the most beautiful and evocative of the Sicilian coasts, from the tip of Portopalo with its tuna, Marzamemi, Pisciotto, up to the coast of Ragusano with its white and very fine beaches, just to name a few. We are inside the Val di Noto, closed between two provinces, located in an authentic point of reference for those who want to enjoy southeastern Sicily.

The Val di Noto in Sicily