• Siracusa

Syracuse is one of the most beautiful cities overlooking the Mediterranean. Rich in history and monuments Syracuse testifies to the cultural complexity of Sicily. Located on a large limestone terrace overlooking the coast, today's city is composed of an ancient part, the island of Ortigia, and a modern part.

The island of Ortigia is the heart of the beautiful Syracuse on which stands what was once the temple dedicated to Athena (Minerva), now the city's Cathedral. In fact, in the upper part of the island of Ortigia there is the Cathedral of Syracuse. The current façade, built between 1728 and 1754, a masterpiece of the Palermo architect Andrea Palma, is one of the best baroque examples of Syracuse.


Walking on the beautiful streets of the island it’s possible to live intense emotions and time seems to have stopped, between the Middle Ages and Baroque.

The Val di Noto in Sicily