• Scicli

Scicli is a baroque jewel set between the cliff rocks and the Ragusa coasts. Via Francesco Mormina Penna is the most evocative street in the city. Scenographic to say the least, it is complete with noble Neoclassic style buildings from the 1800s and 1900s mixed with beautiful late baroque ecclesiastical architecture made from the golden stone found in local quarries. It represents a true realization of the Baroque idea of ​​light, space and harmony.

Along the beautiful Via Francesco Mormina Penna, inside a former monastery, there is the unmissable "Costume Museum", which houses large sections dedicated to popular Sicilian clothing and traditions.


The castle of Scicli, located in southeastern Sicily on the slopes of the Iblea and about eight kilometers from the sea, stands on a rocky spur of barrier at the confluence of two deep valleys, that of S. Maria la Nova to the west, and that of S. Bartolomeo to the east. It is a real natural acropolis, about 227 meters high.

The Val di Noto in Sicily