• Ragusa

Ragusa is one of the great beauties of Sicily, a pearl that has remained almost untouched by mass tourism. Called "the island in the island", Ragusa has attracted literati, intellectuals and artists for centuries, for its fascinating citrus groves, for its Decadentism and for the fact that it recalls ancient civilizations still preserved today.

Located 500 meters above the sea, Ragusa is protected on one side by the Iblean mountains and the other side is cooled by the sea. This is why its climate is milder than that of other Sicilian locations.


From the ashes of the tragedy of the disastrous earthquake of 1693 a new city had been reconstructed, the Ragusa Baroque, which is now declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The oldest part of the city is characterized by Ragusa Superiore, the high city built in the aftermath of the earthquake, and by Ragusa Ibla, characterized by a complex of spectacular streets, intertwining alleys and ancient churches.

The Val di Noto in Sicily