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Located to the southeast of Ragusa, on a hill 7km from the coast, Ispica is a real treasure trove of a thousand beauties: nature, churches, palaces and archaeological sites. Called in Sicilian “Spaccafurnu”, this beautiful municipality offers 13 km of coastline, between the towns of Pozzallo and Pachino, with beaches of fine sand and dunes that are replaced by high and rocky stretches.

La Cava d'Ispica is a tourist attraction of great significance also because, historically, it has been more known to travelers of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, compared to those of Pantalica and Cassibile.
The Cava d'Ispica extends for about 13 km from the territory of Ispica to that of Modica and is crossed by a small stream called Pernamazzoni.


It represents one of the most interesting natural and historical scenes of the southeastern part of Sicily. The rock settlements that can be seen demonstrate the continuity between an era preceding Greek colonization and the modern era, among them we can recognize several large troglodyte-type settlements: Caves of Salnitro, Caves of Palazzotto, Caves of Castello, Caves of Convento, Caves of Capraria the group of Forza d’Ispica

The Val di Noto in Sicily